Housing Blight

One of the largest problems facing the City is housing blight. Many houses are abandoned and without regular maintenance deteriorate to the point that the houses are no longer habitable. Other homes are vacant because the mortgage company has not yet gone through foreclosure. All of this has a negative impact on the value of homes in many neighborhoods.

Blighted homes are the type of houses where there are a significant health and safety concerns such as:

  • Unsecured houses that attract vagrants or criminals.
  • The house is in such disrepair to be not habitable because it does not provide the basics for human necessity such as heat, plumbing, water, electricity, adequate weather protections and free from disease and waste.


Recognizing this problem and after reviewing the problems in work sessions and multiple City Council meetings, City Council adopted two new tools - the vacant property registration ordinance and the receivership ordinance. These tools are in addition to the current code enforcement process. The issue is diverse and requires multiple tools.

Photo Gallery

View photos of housing blight.