Todd Andres

Todd AndresTodd Andres, Ward 4

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Looking back on my 22 years in Klamath Falls, I am confident my wife and I chose exactly the right place to start a family and raise our children. Looking forward, I am committed to our City’s promising future, where each person can have an abundance of opportunities to grow and thrive.

Previous Service & Skills

I take pride in my past service on a number of Boards, including:

  • Citizens for Safe Schools
  • Klamath County Chamber of Commerce
  • Klamath County Economic Development Association
  • United Way of Klamath Falls

 I know what it means to lead with integrity.

I have developed a personal discipline of listening to all sides, respecting one another in the process, and then determining the best way to work together to achieve significant goals. I have savored every minute poured into our community. By investing your time and talent, I firmly believe we can make our community stronger.