Everyone Swims

Happy Swimmers

The Everyone Swims program provides ALL third graders throughout Klamath County a week’s worth of FREE, life-saving swim lessons.

Students develop skills, build confidence, have fun with their peers and work to become water-safe.

Everyone Swims is generously funded by Sky Lakes Medical Center.

  • Tom Hottman, spokesman for Sky Lakes Medical Center stated, “All of us at Sky Lakes are proud of our community and want to invest in its future by partnering with others seeking to help make it healthier. We need to ensure that our children have access to opportunities to be physically active. With this donation, we will help area third-graders learn to swim, which we believe will make them more active.”

The Everyone Swims program includes third graders from:

  • Klamath Falls City School District
  • Klamath Falls County School District
  • Great Basin Homeschool Center
  • Hosanna School
  • New Horizon Christian School
  • Triad School

Swimming is the only sport that can be potentially life-saving. Thank you, Sky Lakes Medical Center for your commitment to make Klamath County water-safe.

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