Seasonal Pedlet Program

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What is a Pedlet?

A pedlet is when the pedestrian walkway (normally on the sidewalk) is rerouted from the sidewalk to on-street parking space to allow for outdoor dining and/or shopping to fill the entire sidewalk area in front of the business.  

Are you a restaurant, coffee shop, retailer, or a business owner who wants to partner with their neighboring business interested in adding or expanding your outdoor dining or shopping to provide more options for customers and increase your sales opportunities? The City of Klamath Falls, in partnership with Healthy Klamath and the Klamath Falls Downtown Association, has created a simplified and broader process for temporary outdoor dining and/or shopping extensions through a Seasonal Parklet/Pedlet Program. 

You can now go beyond the frontage of your business with additional tables and chairs or other improvements such as benches, planters/landscaping, etc. while keeping a separated pedestrian right-of-way. 

The City-sponsored Pedlet Program offers:

  • Simple, straightforward ways to expand seating/shopping quickly
  • Requires maintaining a clear pathway on the Pedlet for pedestrians
  • Cost: FREE Pedlet is provided by the City through partnership with Healthy Klamath but will have an investment by the business/businesses for additional furniture and amenities as needed. 

The City has currently has 2 City-sponsored Pedlets to Downtown businesses for this season and, going forward, there is potential to grow the program with additional City-sponsored units. 

Private Parklet/Pedlet

Businesses may also choose to construct their own Parklet or Pedlet. A Parklet (unlike a Pedlet) is a sidewalk extension that provides more space and amenities for businesses where seating is placed as opposed to sidewalk usage and pedestrians are able to continue to utilize the sidewalk instead of being detoured around the outdoor dining/retail through a Pedlet. Parklets offer a place to stop, sit, rest, shop, eat, etc. However, no alcohol sales or consumption is allowed within a Parklet. A Parklet may accommodate bicycle parking within it or bicycle parking may be associated with it. It must be designed for quick and easy removal at the end of the season without damage to the curb or street. 

For those wishing to construct their own Parklet/Pedlet, contact the Development Services Department to verify the viability of the location and proposed elements. 

Seasonal Pedlet/Parklet Program Documents