Vision & Mission

The City of Klamath Falls' Vision Statement

"The City of Klamath Falls is a united community with healthy, welcoming neighborhoods where citizens aspire to live, thrive and enjoy the quality of life afforded by our surroundings, opportunities and values."

The City of Klamath Falls’ vision represents a goal for the community that City Council and Staff hope to accomplish in the near future. In order to create a community where citizens can live, thrive, and enjoy. City Council and Staff have assembled a plan of strategies and goals to guide the community’s continued pursuit toward achieving the City’s vision.


City Council's City-wide goals guide Staff in implementing policies and focusing resources. They are high level focus areas that allow Staff to develop measurable goals under those areas. These focus areas guide Staff in developing future budgets, allocating resources and developing policies. The focus areas are as follows:

  • Citizens feel safe and secure in their homes and public areas.
  • Interactions with the City will be professional with customer service as our top priority.
  • Economic Viability - Provide an environment where businesses can thrive and economic opportunities are fostered in an effort to provide for the long-term economic viability of the community.
  • Infrastructure - Provide the necessary infrastructure in a manner and means to allow our citizens to prosper.
  • Proactively work to increase efficiencies in service delivery. Work with the County to eliminate unnecessary duplication and partner where appropriate to provide greater value to our citizens.