Information for Media

Who to contact
City of Klamath Falls Administration Office is the point of contact for information regarding City Government, including all City Departments and Divisions, programs, events, news releases and initiatives.

Please note that several entities in Klamath Falls have their own public information offices, and those offices should be contacted for information specific to that entity; this includes the Klamath County Sheriff's Office, Klamath County Commissioners, Klamath County Clerk for Elections and Voter Registration, schools and more. 

Accessing public information and records
To request copies of public records and information from City of Klamath Falls Government and Klamath Falls City Council, please complete a PUBLIC RECORDS REQUEST or contact the City Recorder at with the information you're seeking. 

Media requests
Most media requests do not require a Public Records Request and are given a high priority by City of Klamath Falls. Media requests will be responded to as quickly and efficiently as possible. Every effort will be made to meet media deadlines and to ensure all information released is accurate. Media requests may be submitted to

Filming and Photography
Filming (live or taped) and photographing is allowed at City-owned facilities. If a media organization wants to film, photograph or interview at City sites, please contact the Public Information Officer in advance.

The news media are asked to respect the privacy of residents, business people and members of the public utilizing City services – either at the main administrative building or the various sites around the City. While on site, please do not obstruct or disturb customers or employees. The media may be asked to take reasonable steps to ensure their activity does not prevent the public from conducting business with the City or otherwise inconvenience citizens.

Understandably, media outlets may shoot video footage of a City facility from an offsite location – from the sidewalk, for example, as that is public property. However, as a professional courtesy, they are asked to inform the Public Information Officer first.