Why can't we recycle glass?

Glass can still be recycled in Klamath Falls, however, Waste Management is no longer handling it. If you would like to recycle glass it may be taken to the Klamath County Landfill on Old Fort Road. They will then take and crush the glass and use it for road base at the landfill. 

Waste Management quit taking glass for two reasons; one, the current market prices do not pay enough to cover the shipping of glass. Glass is a fairly heavy product and must be shipped 300 miles north or south to reach a glass recycling plant. The other reason glass is not picked up with our other curbside recyclables is that it is breakable. When glass breaks in the load it contaminates the entire load. If paper recyclables go through and there is glass in the load it can cause thousands of dollars in damage to the machinery.

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1. Why can't we recycle glass?
2. Why won't Waste Management pick up recyclables outside of Klamath Falls?